Ferndale Skate

This is a Forum for those in and around Ferndale.
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brooolant2013-09-274/10/2013, 8:25 pm0 Send private message   
zyrwylab2013-09-304/10/2013, 7:43 pm0 Send private message   
lynn12212010-10-1818/10/2010, 11:14 am1 Send private message   
robzymy names bond......uni-bond and im here to fill your cracks2007-10-2218/8/2009, 5:26 pm27 Send private message  http://www.myspace.robzy_ov_yst 
leelol2007-11-1413/7/2009, 4:18 pm27 Send private message  http://www.ferndaleskatepark.co.uk 
Kath2007-11-1726/7/2008, 4:05 pm2 Send private message   
gaz2008-01-1619/6/2008, 6:51 pm0 Send private message   
JF2007-10-2111/6/2008, 6:57 pm23 Send private message   
cstreet_1986None... or if I do, its dry2007-11-2128/5/2008, 4:01 am26 Send private message  http://www.bebo.com/cstreet1986 
RichWhat the hell is that?2007-11-0720/4/2008, 8:12 pm46 Send private message  http://www.ferndaleskatepark.co.uk 
adamc042plastic for EVER wood's 2 be burnt2008-01-2124/3/2008, 7:24 pm3 Send private message   
louis999x2008-03-1111/3/2008, 12:55 am0 Send private message   
beth2008-03-035/3/2008, 9:17 pm1 Send private message   
Admin2007-10-2029/2/2008, 7:48 pm6 Send private message  http://ferndaleskatepark.forumotion.com 
nate2008-02-0911/2/2008, 9:06 pm0 Send private message   
perry_razors2008-01-224/2/2008, 9:12 pm5 Send private message  http://www.myspace.com/perrywantsstuff 
Rawb-er-toe2007-10-2124/1/2008, 6:02 pm6 Send private message  http://www.myspace.com/addiction_theory 
GŁAZŁR2007-11-2117/1/2008, 6:10 pm11 Send private message  http://myspace.com/g3az3r 
Cynon Soul2007-12-2828/12/2007, 12:35 pm2 Send private message   
valleys_boi2007-11-2121/11/2007, 6:28 pm0 Send private message   
..steph..2007-11-2121/11/2007, 5:19 pm0 Send private message  http://www.bebo.com/EmO-PwRiNcEsS-StEpH 
AlexDav932007-11-17Never0 Send private message   
Jodieslye2007-11-22Never0 Send private message