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 Operation: Leopard

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Operation: Leopard Empty
PostSubject: Operation: Leopard   Operation: Leopard Icon_minitime14/5/2008, 1:07 am

Hey guys and gals,

No idea if you've followed the news at all, but the government are suggesting that the police should use bully tactics to scare trouble-makers.

They did it in Essex, where previous offenders and known trouble-makers were video-camera'd numerous times at their homes, spoken to in the streets and told that they were being watched.

Apparently it helped reduce crime...

Anyone got any thoughts? Think that's a load of crap? I know I do! Sounds like Labour have kinda given up on the old "people need to be reformed and re-educated" idea and just gone with "let's punish 'em"..
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Operation: Leopard
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